Master Your Cashflow

Learn how to operate your business efficiently, effectively and with ease using QuickBooks Online

What will you get with this 6 week course?

This 6-week class is valued at $1,125. It includes the 4 hours of QBO Content, broken up over 27 modules to do on your own time and to re-watch when you need to. You get lifetime access to this course. Cost of this 6-week course is $499.

  • 1 Hour weekly coaching call via zoom. Tuesdays, at 9 am Central Time, starting 03-07-23 - ending 04-11-23 OR 04-18-23 Depending on if the group decides to take Spring Break Week off or not...

  • We will go over Bookkeeping Basics. Answer all your questions on what you can and can not write off, and share tips of how to write things off legally.

  • Make sure your QBO is set up properly.

  • Profit First is my favorite book to recommend to my clients. So guess what? This is your FREE gift from me. We will also be having a book club at the end of each session to see what you are learning from the book and how to implement it in your business!

  • Hold you accountable to getting this QBO Course complete AND getting your bookkeeping caught up and current!

  • Want me to review your bookkeeping in class? I will be teaching you how I review your books, so you can learn how to review your own books. What do I look for? How can I spot if there is a problem? How to fix that problem!

  • Reports! What reports to look at? How to read the report, what to look for in these reports, and how to make better business decisions from the report to GROW your business!

  • Still need help?! Well, good news is, is that you also get a FREE half hour zoom meeting with Kristin or Kristi to use as you need. Do you need more help in QBO? Want us to review your books privately?

  • If you are still using QB Desktop, I have a manual that you can download and follow along with the trainings!

What You Will Learn From This Course

• Choosing the right QBO Subscription • Home Dashboard • Setting up your QBO company • Manage Users • Chart of Accounts • Sales Tax Center • Products & Services • Reports - how to read and understand them • Accounts Receivable • Sales Receipts • Invoices & Receive Payments • Bank Deposits • Credit Memos • Vendor Refunds • Refund Receipts • Sales & A/R Reports • Accounts Payable • Create Expense • Create Checks • Create Bills & Bill Pay • Vendor Credits & Applying Vendor Credits • Print Checks • A/P Reports • Bank Transactions • Transfer Funds • Bank and Credit Card Feeds • Reconcile • Bank Reports • And Much More!

After finishing the course you will receive a free 30 minute 1-on-1 zoom meeting with Kristin or Kristi to get their professional advice. You can ask specific questions or have them look over your company.

What are you waiting for?

Do you really want to go another tax season without being prepared? Not knowing if you will owe Uncle Sam, or if you will get money back? What if you could have had your bookkeeping done before hand, so that you could make educated decisions that would benefit you tax wise? Stop delaying - it's time to start working ON your business so that you can start growing your business!

Meet the Instructors


Kristin Gunderson

I have been certified in QuickBooks Online for 6 years, but have experience of 13+ years. I have been holding QuickBooks Online classes since 2014. I have helped 200+ business owners with their QuickBooks.

Customer Feedback

Eileen Jones

Everything is laid out pretty simple. Easy to Follow instructions and explanations. I think this training would be good for first time users or for those that have been using QBO to see if there is anything they are not familiar with.

Kim Davis

The videos are high quality and works well. I like the fact that the screen is shared and that you can see Kristin and the QuickBooks website at the same time. The audio works well.

Peggy Garner

The videos were helpful to understand where to find things in your version.


  • When does this course meet?

    It starts Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 at 9 am central. It will meet the following 5 Tuesdays, at 9 am central. Via Zoom. The course ends on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. Once purchased, you will get a zoom link. You will also get a FaceBook group link to join.

  • What happens if I miss a week?

    Each week I will be recording the zoom calls and will send out to everyone with 24 hours. So you can come back and watch it later. If at all possible, try to be on, so that you can get any questions you have answered.

  • What if I already purchased the course, but want to attend this weekly coaching call?

    Perfect! If you already purchased the QBO course and finished it or haven't finished it yet, you can still join this 6 week coaching call. Please email the office at [email protected] and we will send you a COUPON CODE to use that will discount the $ amount that you already paid previously. We are excited that you want to join our weekly coaching call!

  • How do I get my FREE Profit First Book?

    Please email [email protected] AFTER you purchase the 6 Week course. Email your name, email address (used to purchase course), and your mailing address. We will get it sent out to you via Amazon within 2 business days so that you can start reading the book!

  • When do I get access to the QBO Content? Do I have to finish it before the class starts?

    On Tuesday, August 30th, I will be releasing the modules that I would like you to start working on and complete by the next week's session. Each week you will get an email stating which modules are ready to review and we will be discussing them the next week. We will have 3 weeks of modules released so that you can watch them on your own time and come with questions. You are not forced to complete any modules, but it will be at your best interest to have them done within the week so that you know what I am discussing. I will NOT be going over in detail how to do the items in the course, but if you still do not understand how to do something, I can walk the class through it.

  • What can I write off in my business?

    This will be address in the 6 weeks of coaching.

  • Is my business properly set up? What legal structure should I be?

    This will be discussed in the 6 weeks of coaching.

  • What will my tax liability be for my business?

    Once you have your bookkeeping caught up, I can give you a rough idea of what your tax liability would be like based off of your financials. It is best to do this BEFORE the year is done. That way, we can discuss ideas with you to best help your situation. For any brave entrepreneurs who would like to go over this in class - I would love to do this for you! Once this class is over, I do offer this as a private meeting personalized to you, for an extra fee of $112.50 for a 30 minute zoom meeting.

  • How much does it cost if I decide that I can't handle my own bookkeeping and want you to get us caught up?

    Right now, we do not do catch up work UNLESS the client will become a monthly bookkeeping client after we get them caught up. Our catch up hourly bookkeeping rate is $112 an hour. To figure out how much monthly bookkeeping would be afterwards, we would have to have a meeting to get you a quote. We have monthly bookkeeping packages readily available, but it depends on what type of service you need, how many transactions a month you have, and how many bank and/or credit card accounts you have.

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